Outbound marketing -Cold Emails or Telecalling are obtrusive, annoying and has lesser conversion rates when compared to Inbound Marketing.Inbound Marketing is the art of getting discovered by the potential customers or prospects on its own. And Search engines are the best tools to help your business name being discovered, then convert the prospects into leads and further to customers.   Search Engine optimization is a very valuable aspect of inbound marketing.All the major search engines allowing you the ability of getting your content found in their search results for FREE,Search Engine Marketing Techniques is a very important aspect of Inbound Marketing. According to some reports, almost 65 percent of the users looking to make a transaction search it online before making a decision.   The first step towards a proper SEO is doing proper research on your website’s user persona.What are the interest of the users you are targeting? What are their problems and what solutions are they seeking? You also need to know the age,gender,income of your targeted users and where they hangout online.This can be done with the help of proper research offline and also with the help of online tools like Quanta cast and SimilarWeb etc.   With the proper research on buyer personas you need to progress further into market research(keyword research).With the help of online tools available you can now better understand what your target customers are looking for, what services are in demand and where and when? Are the demands increasing or decreasing? What are the complementary services or products? How can you market your services uniquely?   Then the most important part of  SEO is to create compelling content based on the knowledge you have got regarding your customer by the help of blogging.Blogging is the heart of Inbound Marketing or SEO these days. A blog serves multiple purpose. Apart from driving traffic to your website it helps you to position yourself as a market leader and also helps to develop better customer relationships. A well written blog will have loyal subscribers and it will also help you to get backlinks for your website.SEO these days has changed from building backlinks to earning backlinks. Thus well written blog posts is the most important part of SEO strategy these days.   So, to succeed as an Inbound Marketer, you must integrate the above mentioned points in your SEO strategy.If you are interested to learn SEO from our Inbound Certified SEO Trainer then call us at 9433526196 and Enquire about our SEO Training batch.