Laravel, the framework of PHP   Laravel is a free , open source PHP web application framework that was first released in 2011, created by Taylor Otwell and is designed to make it easier to build robust web applications. Laravel has gained popularity due to elegant syntax and extensive documentation and that’s why developers like it. It is used by many developers worldwide to built variety of web applications, from simple blogs to large scale enterprise –level systems. Laravel offers a wide range of offers and tools for developers , including powerful CLI( command line interface, a modular structure, a built-in ORM ( object relational mapping) system and support for multiple database systems. It builds complex web application with minimum effort as it also includes features such as routing, middleware and authentication. Some key features of Laravel:
  1. Middleware: A middleware system that allows to add additional functionality to application’s HTTP requests.
  2. Routing: A flexible routing system which makes it easy to define routes for applications.
  3. Artisan CLI: A command line interface that provides a variety of helpful commands for managing Laravel applications.
  4. Blade templating engine: A lightweight and powerful templating engine which makes it easy to create dynamic and reusable views.
  5. Eloquent ORM: A simple and intuitive database query builder that makes it easy to interact with databases.
Laravel has also a vibrant ecosystem of third-party packages and plugins that makes make it easy to extend the functionality of frameworks. Overall, Laravel is a popular choice for web developers who want to build scalable and robust web applications efficiently and very quickly. Laravel Training, Projects and Placements by DOCC Kolkata. Call 9433526196