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Who all can seek a career in Web Development?

Literally any one can! The job of a web developer is that of a programmer who can write efficient codes in various languages used for the web. “Becoming a good programmer” doesn’t actually need any formal education. You just need to decide on which language you want to learn, buy a couple of books for that language, read tutorials on internet & then try your hands on coding. You need to write lots of code yourself, learn by developing simple & small applications initially & then move up yourself to big & challenging applications. That is the only way you can become a good programmer. However having a formal education in the following streams will definitely make your job easier –  graduation in mathematics, engineering in computer sciences & electronics, graduation in computer sciences. The reason is these courses teach basics of programming as part of their curriculum.  But at the same time any one can become a good programmer by learning themselves. All you need is a taste for logic & programs. DOCC Kolkata trains them professionally so that they can start their careers as web developer, if they are incapable in taking training, they’ll be given first “web design training” and then “web development  training”, applicable particularly in case of students having non-IT background.

How to begin your career in Web Development?

Very simple –Training, then learning and Practice. First of all decide which language you want to learn. Most people choose open source languages like PHP, Python etc because of the immense resource available over web. The choice can be personal for some people. However in my opinion, choose the field you have maximum interest. For example:- choosing PHP as language & MySql as database will help you to work with a range of open source applications like WordPress (a content management system), Magento (a shoppingcart building software ), Code igniter ( gateway of Framework) and many other open source applications like Joomla, Opencart etc. Choosing Phython as language & PostgreSql as database will help you to work with one of the most promising Open Source ERP software named OpenERP.

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Short history of the PHP development

The first PHP coder was of course its creator, Rasmus Lerdorf, a Danish developer who began work on what was eventually to become the PHP scripting language in 1994. The name PHP originally stood for ‘Personal Home Page’, as Lerdorf had used it to run his own website homepage.
In 1997 two developers from the Israel Institute of Technology picked up what Lerdorf had initialised, and PHP web development really started to take off. By the time its tenth birthday came around in 2004, advance version PHP 5 had been released and widespread around the world.
What is PHP used for?
PHP – a general purpose scripting language, it is mostly used to have additional functionality to the websites. PHP can easily interact with MYSQL databases and perform a number of roles, from complex mathematical mechanism to setting up a blog. An expert PHP programmer can use it to create diverse functions of website processes, even using it to create and edit simple graphics. It is also used to make a screen CAPTCHA, or to create web pages on the fly using data straight from a database. The list of applications that a PHP coder might use this scripting language is rapidly increasing. Needless to say, its popularity has a lot to do with its diversity.
Hiring PHP developer
When you come to appoint a PHP programmer, there will be certain points you would like to ask. First of all, because of the diversity of this programming language, don’t assume all PHP developers are the same. Check that developer or the company you select to work with has experienced in the kind of areas that you are working on. Ask any potential freelance PHP programmer to give you portfolio of previous work similar with to your project. Is the person doing the work ‘business savvy’? If you need the PHP development work for a business application then can you be assured of a professional job, so attitude is much important. Outsourcing such work often raises similar sorts of issues, whether it is freelance copywriting, design or web development. The main idea is to work with a programmer that you feel confident with and who frequently asks questions; that way you will know they understand what you are looking for.
PHP is the most versatile language and one can easily find experienced PHP coder. Outsourcing your PHP web development is nowadays easier due to freelance market websites.
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Java Training by docckolkata

Docc is a software development company and training institute in Kolkata. We prepare IT Professionals for recession proof career.
PHP-MY SQL, OPEN SOURCE incl. (1) Frame work, (2) CMS & Training on Java-J2EE ,ADVANCE-CORE JAVA,Java-J2ee Web Application, ANDROID ( MOBILE SOFTWARE)Training and Intern PHP Training – Project works & Placements @ docckolkata,. Docc trains in such a way that one can get job instantly because docc trains the things which are in demand in the industry. Placement is assured for docc trained-up dedicated PHP students.
Total Java Packages: Rs.18,000/-, 06mths course duration. Also FAST TRACK 02 mths course. Discount in proper cases.
Core Java Programming
Course duration: 45 Days, Course Fee: 5000
Getting Started , Object-Oriented Programming , Identifiers, Keywords, and Types , Variables , Operators , Expressions and Flow Control , Arrays , Classes and Objects , Inheritance , Generics , Exceptions and Assertions , Basic I/O , File I/O Multithreaded Programming.
Web Application Development J2EE
Course duration: 60 Days, Course Fee: 6,500/-
1. Java Servlet Technology 2. Java ServeR Pages Technologies, 3. Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library, 4. Custom Tags in JSP Pages , 5. Scripting in JSP Pages , 6. Java Server Faces Technology , 7. Using Java Server Faces Technology in JSP Pages , 8. Developing with Java Server Faces Technology , 9. Creating Custom UI Components , 10. Configuring Java Server Faces Applications , 11. Internationalizing and Localizing Web Applications .
J2EE Enterprise Application
Course duration 40 days, course fees 3500/-
Course contents:
1. Building Web Services with JAX-WS 2. Binding between XML Schema and Java Classes ,3. Streaming API for XML , 4. SOAP with Attachments API for Jav , 5. Enterprise Beans (EJB) , 6. Getting Started with Enterprise Beans , 7. Session Bean Examples , 8. A Message-Driven Bean Example , 9. Introduction to the Java Persistence API , 10. Persistence in the Web Tier , 11. The Java Persistence Query Language , 12. Introduction to Security in the Java EE Platform , 13. Securing Java EE Applications , 14. Securing Web Applications , 15. The Java Message Service API , 16. Java EE Examples Using the JMS API , 17. Transactions , 18. Resource Connections , 19. Connector Architecture .

Advance Java Programming with Networking
Course duration: 35 Days, Course Fee: 5000/-
Reflection , API Contents , Annotations (Metadata) , Collections and Generics Framework , Building Java GUIs Using the Swing API , Handling GUI-Generated Events , Database Access and Permissions , Networking , Remote Method Invocation , Writing Servlets.
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