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JavaScript knowledge to start learning PHP?

Do you have to know basic JavaScript to start learning PHP?


Both PHP and JavaScript are widely used together: PHP for serving the application, and JavaScript for interacting with the user. (As an alternative to PHP, JavaScript can also be used in servers with the help of NodeJs, but that may not be what you are looking for right now).

It doesn’t matter which one you learn first. However, since JavaScript is part of the HTML/CSS/JavaScript triangle, it makes sense to learn basic JavaScript before getting into PHP.

Then, experiment creating the same exercise with both languages to see how each one behaves.

Find out the reason why you need to learn PHP (based on your question), and why JavaScript is necessary when you use PHP for web development.


Do not pay attention when people tell you not to learn PHP.

PHP continues to be an important language to learn for the next decade and there are plenty of jobs available if you’re looking for a career.

Reason #1: The old PHP is gone. The new PHP is PHP7.

Reason #2: Laravel is the hottest framework in the planet. Laravel runs on PHP7 and you can use JavaScript for the front end via Vuejs (or even ReactJS). Both VueJS and React are the darlings of JavaScript right now (along with Angular but that uses TypeScript).

Reason #3: Drupal 8 and WordPress also use PHP7 and there are plenty of jobs out there for developers in this category.

Don’t get emotional with language adoption because it will consume your energies unnecessarily. Both JavaScript and PHP have their places in this industry. Figure that part out and move on.

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