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Best PHP MySql Training in Kolkata


Best PHP-MySql Training Course from DOCC Kolkata.

PHP is s Server side scripting language and is among the most popular web development languages in the world. For reasons why it is popular ,read our recent post. It is one of the most easiest programming languages to learn and thus even if a student is never exposed to programming or web development one can master PHP and go on to become a really good software developer after undergoing proper training.Many of our past students who were from commerce and arts background are doing really good after learning PHP from us.So, even if you are from non-IT looking for a career in IT, you can enrol with us to script your success story in the software world.

Why you should learn PHP-MySQL  ?

If you look for advertisements in classifieds sections of your newspaper or search in online portals for jobs , you will find there are numerous vacancies for entry level or experienced php/web developers.Almost all the popular  CMS being coded in PHP and many popular php frameworks, PHP will always be in demand even in far future.So,if you are looking for a stable career in web development , PHP is the easiest and fastest way to begin.With experience you can even begin a career as a freelancer and earn money from home.

What makes our PHP Course Unique ?

We teach our students in a manner that they are best prepared to face the industry and thus our training program is based on practical assignments and live projects.Also,in alignment with the industry demand of learning a framework and a Content Management System (CMS) ,we include training of a PHP based framework and a CMS.


With PHP Training Course  you ‘ll get one free framework(CI) and one CMS (WordPress) course and Javascript-Azax-Jquery.

Core Features of Our PHP Training 

1.Excellent Faculty with years of live experience.
2.Live Projects.
3.Assured Placement Assistance for sincere students.

Best PHP MySQL Training Institute in Kolkata


Our PHP Training  Syllabus

  • Introduction to web development with PHP
    • The architecture of a web application
    • The Product Discount application
    • How to edit and test a PHP application
  • How to code a PHP application
    • Basic PHP skills
    • The Product Discount application
    • How to code control statements
    • How to use the PHP documentation
  • Introduction to relational databases and MySQL
    • An introduction to relational databases
    • The SQL statements for data manipulation
    • An introduction to MySQL
    • How to use phpMyAdmin
  • How to use PHP with a MySQL database
    • PHP for working with MySQL
    • How to get data from a result set
    • The Product Viewer application
    • The Product Manager application
  • How to use the MVC pattern to organize your code
    • How to use the MVC pattern
    • The Product Manager application
    • The Product Catalog application
  • How to test and debug a PHP application
    • An introduction to testing and debugging
  • How to work with form data
    • How to get data from a form
    • How to display data on a web page
  • How to code control statements
    • How to code conditional expressions
    • How to code the selection structures
    • How to code the iteration structures
  • How to work with strings and numbers
    • How to work with strings
    • How to work with numbers
    • Other skills for working with strings and numbers
  • How to work with dates
    • How to use timestamps to work with dates
    • How to use objects to work with dates
  • How to create and use arrays
    • How to create and use an array
    • How to create and use an associative array
    • How to use functions to work with arrays
    • How to work with arrays of arrays
    • The Task List Manager application
  • How to work with cookies and sessions
    • How to work with cookies
    • How to work with sessions
    • The Shopping Cart application
  • How to create and use functions
    • Basic skills for working with functions
    • How to create and use a library of functions
    • Advanced skills for working with functions
    • The Shopping Cart application
  • How to use regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data
    • How to use regular expressions
    • How to handle exceptions
    • The Registration application
  • This course  includes : PHP, MY
    Codeigniter-Framework AND PROJECT WORKS .

So if you are looking for the best php mysql training in Kolkata, then enrol yourself with us.Call now at 9433526296.

Course Duration : 3 months

We have weekend batches which suits even for working professionals.Our faculty is from the industry which explains why we can’t have our courses during the weekdays.

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